deanMessage from the Dean Of Students.
 Mr. Dickens Odum

The Dean of Students is one of the top management administrative offices in TVET institutions. It has the mandate of dealing with students’ welfare in the institutions. The office ensures that the trainees’ wellbeing is taken care of so as to ensure their comfort during the period of training. At Coast Institute of Technology (CIT), the Dean’s office offers services such as orientation of new students, consultancy, advocacy, mentorship, resolution of conflicts and complaints among others. The Dean’s office provides support to the academic departments as well as domiciling co-curricular activities in the institution. The college activities of games and sports, clubs and societies, music and drama are coordinated by the Dean’s office. These are crucial in complimenting the trainees’ academic life with the overall goal of producing an all round and well balanced graduate. In the same breadth the Dean’s office works closely with other offices and sections of the institution such as Guidance and Counseling, Office of Career Services, Catering and Accommodation, Industrial Liaison office in ensuring that matters concerning trainees are adequately addressed. The office of the Dean offers the interface between the college administration and the trainees’ fraternity in CIT through the establishment of the Students Governing Council. This organ that is elected annually plays a crucial role in the affairs of the students in the institution. The activities of the Students Council are also coordinated under the auspices of the Dean’s office. In its daily operations, the office of the Dean of Students practices an open door policy.

The office strives to solve issues concerning students to the best of its ability. This is because of the importance that the office attaches to the wellbeing of the students who are the first and very important clients of the college. The office believes that a satisfied trainee is a crucial cog in the success of the institution. As part of its consultancy and advisory services, the office has established partnerships with organisations that offer an array of complementary services. One of these partners is the Higher Education Loans Board popularly known as “HELB”. This is the government body that offers loans and bursaries to needy students aimed at financing their educational pursuits. The office of the Dean of Students facilitates the process of HELB loan and bursary applications in the institution. To date therefore, hundreds of needy students in CIT have been able to achieve their educational dreams through the support of HELB whose slogan is “Empowering Dreams”. Furthermore, trainees are also assisted to access and benefit other financial assistance courtesy of entities such as the County loans and bursary boards. The office is always eager and ready to go out of its way to ensure that the government’s policy of 100% transition in education is achieved. In the endeavor of creating peace and harmony in CIT, the Dean’s office has been bequeathed with the extra mandate of resolving complaints. Under the Performance Contracting, the office oversees the indicator of Resolving public complaints. To this end, there are established complaints resolution mechanisms that enhance harmonious co-existence in the college. Overall, the office of the Dean of Students supports the provision of quality service to all stakeholders of the institution. In the pursuit of excellent service delivery in CIT, the clarion call for the office is: “Service to mankind is service to God”
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