Mr Wanjala HOD PC


The objectives of the performance contract are drawn from the Coast Institute of Technology (CIT) Strategic Plan and anchored on the Kenya Vision 2030, the Medium Term Plan II (MTP II) and the Sector Performance Standards (SPS). The Department is answerable to the Principal and in conjunction with the relevant units is responsible for providing objective performance contracting for staff and Institute’s and make follow-up and monitoring mechanisms for the realization of the performance contracts, including reasons for non-achievement. In line with this, the Institute has ensured that performance targets progressively approach and/or exceed the levels set out in the MTP II and fully aligned to the institute’s budget. The Institute has used the Sector Performance Standards (SPS), as far as possible, for the purpose of benchmarking its key result areas. The performance targets are cascaded to all levels of staff through departmental performance contract and performance appraisal system. Performance Contracting Guidelines issued by the government, provide guidance in the process of implementing Performance Contracts in the Institute with an ultimate objective of ensuring that performance is measured using international best practices and that performance targets are grown to the extent of placing the country on the cutting edge of global competitiveness.

The Department of performance contracting has the following mandate:

  • To oversee and manage the Institute’s functions of performance contracting.
  • To ensure implementation of the Institute’s strategic plan.
  • To maintain a working contact with other Institute’s officers on performance contracting and appraisal matters.
  • To represent the Institute’s at national, regional and international fora on performance contracting and appraisal.
  • To facilitate preparation, signing and evaluation of performance appraisals.
  • To facilitate pre-negotiation, negotiation and vetting of performance targets.
  • To facilitate signing of annual performance contracts with the Ministry of Education.
  • To facilitate cascading and signing of performance contracts within the Institute.
  • To collate, review and submit periodical performance reports to relevant Government agencies.
  • To facilitate end of year performance contract evaluation.


The department undertakes the following activities:

  • Prepares the Institute’s Performance Contracts
  • Coordinates the cascading of Performance Contracts in the Institute.
  • Monitors implementation of activities in the Performance Contracts
  • Prepares reports of performance to the Ministry of Education
  • Conducts self evaluation of Institute’s performance
  • Identifies, collects and compiles evidence of performance for evaluation
  • Undertakes sensitization of staff on Performance Contracting


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